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Works of Darvish Khan

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Works of Darvish Khan

  • Publish Year : 2013
  • Collected: Arshad Tahmâsbi
  • The Idea and Design of the Interactive Version by:
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The publication of Darvish Khan’s works in the form of a multimedia book is supposed to play an important role in documenting and developing the Persian musical sources which had always been orally and exclusively transmitted. The book compiled, notated, and performed by Arshad Tahmasbi plus an almost unique collection of photos, gramophone records and even Darvish Khan’s plectrum and ‘Tabarzin’ are all included in this interactive course book for the first time. The images of these items are in 3-D so that the users can examine them more carefully. Also, the audio recording of each lesson is available at the bottom of that page. They are performed by Arshad Tahmasbi on Tar and Dariush Zargari on Tombak. We do hope we can publish all of Darvish Khan’s masterpieces especially his great Tasnif-s soon. We are grateful for all the objects and images Arshad Tahmasbi, Dariush Talaei, Alireza Miralinaqi and Mahya Farmani generously provided.