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An Interactive Tar Course 1

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An Interactive Tar Course 1

  • Publish Year : 2013
  • Compiled and arrangement: Ruhollâh Khâleqi
  • Reviewed by: Hushang Zarif
  • The Idea and Design of the Interactive Version by:
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This book is aimed to open the door to a method of teaching this Iranian elegant musical instrument, the Setar, to all Iranians from all over the world, and to those who are deeply interested in the Eastern musical culture. And that’s the reason why the book is in two languages, English and Persian. There are certainly other methods of teaching the Setar which we hope to publish in the near future. This method has been devised and developed by Rouhollah Khaleqi in collaboration with Mousa Maroufi and Nasrollah Zarrin-Panjeh for the first-year students of Iran’s National School of Music. Hossein Alizadeh, a then student of this school, has played the lessons. As an interactive self-study book, we have employed many educational strategies such as illustrations, diagrams, 3-D models, audio files, and a number of exercises and tests.