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An Interactive Santur Course

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An Interactive Santur Course

  • Publish Year : 2014
  • The Idea and Design of the Interactive Version by:
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We are so grateful that this multimedia course book of both the most popular Iranian musical instrument and one of the world’s largest families of musical instruments is now available to the enthusiasts. Furthermore, Payvar’s course for Santur is widely believed to be the most efficient teaching method among the entire Iranian instruments since lots of many students who have been taught this method have turned out to  brilliant Santur players through all these years. As it has been mentioned in the preface, this course, even this interactive version, is not a self-study book. In fact, learning any musical instrument needs a teacher as a guide. Audio and video lessons are performed by Saman Zarrabi, one of the best students of maestro Payvar. Compared with the previous ones, this book is technologically more advanced due to the capabilities of our production team, and new facilities Apple Inc. has recently provided.