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Mahoor Music Quarterly. No. 82

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Mahoor Music Quarterly. No. 82

  • Publish Year : 2019
Artists :
  • License Holder: Mahoor Institute of Cultural and Arts
  • Directed: Mohammad Mousavi
  • Editor: Sasan Fatemi
  • Editorial Board: Mohammad Mousavi, Bâbak Khazrâ’i, Sa’id Kordmâfi, Ârash Mohâfez
About :

Articles: 1. Music, Power and Symbolic Violence: The Turkish State’s Music Policies during the Early Republican Period, Ayhan Erol, translated by Babak Khazraei 2. The School of Fine Arts of Rasht as Reflected in Some Documents, Mohammad-Reza Sharâeli 3. What Can the Concept of Field Used by Bourdieu Tell Us about Iranian Music? Âzad Namaki and Hasan Khayyâti

Miscellaneous Notes: 1. A New Finding about the Kurdish-Language Records, Shâhu Abdi

Special Issues: 1. Mirzâ Abdollâh: Reorganization of Dastgâhs and Blurring the Concept of Âvâz, Babak Khazraei 2. A Glimpse of Âqâ Ali-Akbar’s Life, Mehdi Farâhâni 3. Interview with Hossein Alizadeh and Dariush Talai on the Attendance of Ali-Akbar Shahnâzi at the Conservatory of Music, Tarâ Allâhverdi 4. Discography of Ali-Akbar Shahnâzi (78rpm Records), Mohammad-Rezâ Sharâyeli 

Interview: 1. Interview with Ebrâhim Safâyi and Ashraf-os-Sâdât Mortezâyi, Râmtin Nazariju (transcription and notes)

Critique and Review: 1. Pour une Typologie de la critique musicale chez Fétis: Valérie Dufour, translated by Arash Mohafez 2. (Ethno)Musicological Abstracts, Saeid Kordmafi 3. Till Another Season, Seyyed-Mohammad Mousavi