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Mahoor Music Quarterly No. 71

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Mahoor Music Quarterly No. 71

  • Publish Year : 2016
Artists :
  • License Holder: Mahoor Institute of Cultural and Arts
  • Directed: Mohammad Mousavi
  • Editorial Board: Sassan Fatemi, Mohammad Mousavi, Bâbak Khazrâ’i, Sa’id Kordmâfi, Ârash Mohâfez
About :

Articles: 1. The Modernization in Two Oriental Music Cultures: Turkish and Japan, Karl Signell, translated by Natalie Chubineh 2. Control of Rhythm in Two Performances of the Khorasani Dâstân, Shah Esmâ῾il, Ameneh Youssefzadeh and Stephen Blum, translated by Leylâ Rasuli 3. Iranians’ Familiarity with Abdolqâder Marâghi’s Compositions, Mohammad-Rezâ Darvishi 4. Music and its Hierarchy from Ekhwân-os-Safâ’s Vantage Point, Ehsân Rajabi 5. Kurdistan Music Life in the Last Century: The Case Study of Sanandaj, Bahman Hâjamini

Fundamental Concepts: 1. Thoughts on an Interdiscipline: Music Theory, Analysis, and Social Theory in Ethnomusiclogy, Gabriel Solis, translated by Leylâ Rasuli

Report: 1. Is Ethnomusicology Still an “Interdiscipline”?: A Report on the Annual Conference of British Forum for Ethnomusicology in Kent, Saeid Kordmafi

Interview: 1. On “Symphonysickness” and Cultural Identity, Rezâ Nâmju -Sâsân Fâtemi

Critique, Review and Introduction: 1. An Introduction- Account on Benson (-Ingarden)’s Phenomenology of Music 2. (Ethno)musicological Abstracts, Saeid Kordmafi 3. Till Another Season, Seyyed-Mohammad Mousavi