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Mahoor Music Quarterly. No. 73

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Mahoor Music Quarterly. No. 73

  • Publish Year : 2016
Artists :
  • License Holder: Mahoor Institute of Cultural and Arts
  • Directed: Mohammad Mousavi
  • Editorial Board: Sassan Fatemi, Mohammad Mousavi, Bâbak Khazrâ’i, Sa’id Kordmâfi, Ârash Mohâfez
About :

Articles: 1. The Azerbaijani Ashiq: A Musician’s Adaptations to a Changing Society, Charlotte F. Albright, translated by Behrang Nikâyin 2. Music in Islam (Part One), Akbar Sobut 3. Seyyed Ali-Asghar Kordestâni, Shâhu Abdi

Miscellaneous Notes: 1. Chapter 24 of Part I of the Sadideddin Mohammad Ufi’s Javâme’ol Hekâyât va Lavâme’or-Revâyât, Seyyed Hoseyn Meysami 2. Masonry Songs in Iran, Kâmyâr Salavâti

Fundamental Concepts: 1. Listening to the World but Hearing Ourselves: Hybridity and Perceptions of Authenticity in World Music, Sarah Weiss, translated by Kobrâ Zule

Report: 1. Kurdish Dance and Its Music, Shimâ Shâhmohammadi

Interview: 1. Two Interviews with Bayâz Amiratâyi, Ehsân Purashrafi and Abbâs Korebandi 2. The Phonograph Cylinders of Berlin Phonogram Archive Interview with Albrecht Widmann, Mohammad-Rezâ Sharâyeli

Critique and Review: 1. On Bazm-e Dowr Album, Ârvin Sedâqatkish and Ignacio Agrimbau 2. La Critique Musicale Dans les Journaux au XIX siècle, Adélaïde De Place, translated by Arash Mohafez 3. Till Another Season, Seyyed-Mohammad Mousavi