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An Interactive 2 Tombak Course

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An Interactive 2 Tombak Course

  • Publish Year : 2015
  • Written by : Hoseyn Tehrâni
  • Compiled: Hoseyn Dehlavi
  • Reviewed by: Farid Kheradmand
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The Tombak is a percussion instrument originating from Iran. Despite its simple construction, it provides the performer with an array of performance possibilities and complicated techniques, which sound and seem pleasant and appealing. In the 1960s and the 1970s, the instrument was introduced to other countries of the world, and today, particularly in Europe, it is loved and brilliantly played by many and can also be heard in the works of non-Iranian musicians. The present book is the electronic version of the first, and the best-selling, Tombak course book, which was compiled by a group of the greatest contemporary Iranian musicians nearly 40 years ago, now available as an eBook for iPad. One of the reasons the book has been so well-received is the presence and collaboration of Hoseyn Tehrani (1912-1974), the renowned musician and Tombak player, in the process of composing the Drills part of it. He is considered the most outstanding master and the initiator of a new period in the history of Tombak playing in Iran.